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The deportation crisis no one is talking about

Guest segment on Changing America, MSNBC, June 23, 2015                          

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"The Dominican Republic is deporting hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants -- mostly of Haitian descent. The measure has sparked international outrage. What happens now?"

Revisions of Soil: Generations of Applied Anthropology in Haiti

Presentation at Teachers College, Columbia University, on Applying Anthropology, February 26, 2015

... unlike early applied research, contemporary anthropology must critically engage with the knowledge produced by NGOs and development funding agencies, and therefore with the very research produced by previous applied anthropological efforts. This presentation illustrates and analyzes the way in which multiple anthropologies come into contact, and how a contemporary applied venture must critically analyze a broad spectrum of development actors, both past and present.


Perfumers promote fair trade for Haiti's 'super-crop'

by David Adams, REUTERS, April 24, 2014 

"The vetiver plant, a tropical grass, is a little-known Haitian agricultural treasure, producing one of the most prized essential oils for high-end perfumes .... The crop is a major employer in the region, where farmers have harvested vetiver from the region's dry, hilly soil for decades with little but a subsistence living to show for it - until recently....

Critics say the fair-trade system may not help the farmers enough. Scott Freeman ... said unforeseen events often force farmers to dig up immature roots to cover medical care, school fees or a funeral.

'Haitian farmers are in an economically precarious position,' said Freeman. 'When they find themselves in a tight squeeze, they dig up the vetiver. It's their bank account.'"