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My teaching focuses on the intersection of Latin America and the Caribbean, International Development and the Environment, and is informed by a critical  anthropological lens. I currently teach courses at both the master’s and undergraduate level on International Development and the Politics of Environmental Conservation. 

I have taught at the doctoral, masters, and undergraduate levels, and continue to teach and collaborate with the Faculté d’Ethnologie at the Université d’Etat d’Haiti in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. 



International Development. 2015-2017. American University.

Politics of Conservation. 2015-2017. American University.

Conservation, Sustainability, and Development. 2015. Georgetown University.

Qualitative Field Research Methods. 2015. Georgetown University.

Antwopoloji Anviwonman (Environmental Anthropology). 2015. Université d’Etat d’Haiti. 

Micropolitics of Development and Social Analysis. 2014. American University.

Globalization, Institutions, and Bureaucracy. 2014. The George Washington University.

Methods Seminar in Development Anthropology. 2014. The George Washington University.

International Development. 2015-2017. American University.

Politics of Conservation. 2015-2017. American University.

Marginalization and Conservation. 2015. American University.

Methods in Sociocultural Anthropology. 2015. The George Washington University.

Introduction to Latin American Studies. 2014. The University of Maryland.

Development Anthropology. 2013. The George Washington University.

Introduction to Comparative Ethnic Studies. 2011 (Teaching Assistant). Columbia University.